SEO focuses mainly on the SEO ranking of your website. This happens by improving the keyword density of your article so that it is more easily available as the priority on any of the search engines. However, not only keyword optimization may lead to more traffic on your page. There are other factors that are also very important in deciding the rank of your page. Other factors like duration of the visitors that stay on your page, the bounce rate, broken links, pages being viewed and outbound links that determine the victory of your page as well.

How does the best SEO Company in Chandigarh help to improve your website’s SEO ranking?

Sites which are user-friendly are the ones that are rewarded by the search engines. But sites which have a higher usability, higher user engagement ratio and are rich in keywords are the ones that search engines prioritize. Certain elements that are used by the SEO companies in Chandigarh include:

  • Help you to engage in some useful, high quality and relevant content. Useful content is always appreciated by the public irrespective of the word count.
  • Search engines like Google take into account the loading speed of your page. Nobody likes to wait for extra seconds to read your stuff. The speed of the page should be such that it helps in the easy and smooth loading of your page.
  • One of the main out fronts of the page is the image optimization by adding keywords, title into your image description.
  • Add multimedia files and outbound links
  • SEO Company Chandigarh helps to improve the readability of your article.
  • Improve the layout and the formatting of your text that makes it easy to read and comprehend.
  • Always include the Contact Us page. This page is like the soul of any website. People might want to contact you for your services and this is when you know that you hit the right bird with your bullet.