Hiring an SEO service company will depend on several factors.  This includes what is the need of the service, for what kind of business, the size of the business and target audience, the reputation of the SEO service company and many more.  The ultimate aim for any SEO service is to provide better results factoring all the elements required for it.  It is like getting the best repair service of your car.  The cost only depends on the repair and the quality of the service provided.

What Are The Types Of Payments To The SEO Service Company-

The SEO service company is paid in different ways.  Some of them include:

  • Hourly payments:

SEO service company is paid on an hourly basis for the services provided within that time limit.  This could vary as per demographical locations and many other factors.  In Silicon Valley, they charge an approximate 100 dollars an hour for expert SEO services. In India, it could vary from big to small companies and according to service providers.

  • Fee for site audit:

For any web development, a site audit is the basic and necessary element to be done by the SEO service company.  This depends on a simple site audit or a detailed one.  Accordingly, the pay varies from 500 dollars to 3000 dollars in the highest terms.  In India, this is done a lot cheaper to lure in customers for the benefit of mutual long-standing relationships.

  • Monthly retainers:

 Depending on the complexity of the business and its target audience the monthly retainers fee varies from 500 dollars to 5000 dollars.  This is the level used in bigger companies with a lot of functions.  In India, it is done with good relationships and in nominal payments.

  • Payment as per project:

 This is the ideal form for Indian environment which is fixed by the SEO service company as per the project.  These include all the features and are mostly localized. These are available at less than Rs. 5,000/- in India without any compromise in quality.