There are two kinds of businesses now in India.  One is the ordinary business with no website or with the website developed by inferior SEO Company.  The other is the smart businesses which employ the top SEO Company India to have the best websites to increase the ratio of sales and leads.  All the businesses which are doing good and flourishing in the market are the smart businesses. Since they have employed the top SEO Company India they are able to take the lead in the businesses they are in and become the market leaders.

Visits to sales and leads with CRO:

The traffic of the website does not mean all are converted to sales and leads.  The objective of any website is not only to create traffic but convert them to sales and profit.  This is done well by top SEO Company India which employ the CRO or the conversion rate optimization strategies.  While developing the website it has become pertinent to create different pages for different stages of the conversion funnel.  This will help in designing SEO focused pages in relation to CRO focused pages.

Content change as per the focus page:

The change in focus of website development in SEO and CRO should be accompanied with the change in content to convert visitors into buyers.  The content should vary according to the focused pages to match the features of the Company on that page.  The content should focus more on the visits rather than their conversions.  This is essential to create more micro and macro conversions. This will also help the Google crawl to find both users’ search which is SEO focused and their solution to visitors problems which are CRO focused.

The Last Words

Hence the top SEO Company India which incorporates both SEO and CRO focuses and with matching content will help to increase the ratio of sales and leads for better results of websites.